Program Participants

ONRC member companies represent different parts of the larger network or Internet infrastructure industry. They share an interest in open networking and especially software defined networking.  The Affiliates Program is supported by corporate membership fees of $150,000 per year and is designed to facilitate the relationship between academia and industry. These funds support research and facilitate the exploration of new innovative ideas. For more information about participating industries and professions, and related Stanford research, visit the "Projects" page on this web site.  

This Agreement is effective when the company pays its first annual contribution to the ONRC Fund. The Agreement is considered renewed automatically upon each subsequent annual payment, and may be terminated by written notice from either Stanford University or the company to the other.

Member Benefits


The ONRC researchers will use and develop open-source software, and it is the intention of all ONRC researchers that any software released will be released under an open source model, such as the BSD open source license. The center is open to all Stanford faculty who share this goal.

Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Program Memberships


For more information, please contact:
Chris Hartung
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